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The Perfect Protein organic deep sea whole fish protein extract 

The Perfect Protein organic deep sea whole fish protein extract. Not all protein is created equal!

Discover the best of the best in new Green Marine Protein whole fish powder

Introducing the latest green sustainable FPP technology process for nutritionally superior Green Marine Protein as a food supplement that's environmentally friendly, flavorless, odorless, non-hygroscopic (stable), free from bacteria and 98% digestable! Green Marine Protein is clean deep sea whole fish extract powder that's an ideal replacement for dairy and soy based proteins. Whey products, like the milk they are produced from can contain growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides. APP - ADVANCE PROTEIN POWDER is a Registered Trademark of Advance International Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,663,725




GREEN MARINE PROTEIN   Nutrition for every body!

Green Marine Protein whole fish powdercontains a superior balance of minerals & amino acids as a nutritional supplement for people from all walks of life and especially for fitness minded, pregnant women, the aging, bodybuilders, and institutional nutrition, hospitals and/or rehabilitation settings to replace GMO based soy products, dairy (whey) products & calcium carbonate (sourced from limestone)


For fitness minded individuals, smaller more frequent whole food nutrition consumption is the healthiest way to eat whether your goal is toning & firming muscle mass or weight loss. To keep the body balanced people need to consume a complete protein every three hours. This is now much easier to do with super high grade organic whole fish Green Marine Protein powder in 500 mg. V-caps. Calcium is most often associated with bone health, and it’s essential in preventing osteoporosis, bone loss, and degenerative bone disease. The primary component of human skeletons is calcium phosphate.

The Calcium in organic whole fish protein powder (110mg/100grams) is 98% bioavailable.

Green Marine Protein powder is superior in balanced nutrition due to the unique amino acid profile and abundance of naturally occurring organically bound minerals found in fish,

Green Marine Protein treats:

• Osteoporosis

•  Reduction in pain associated with spinal problems

• Stiff joints

• Sore ligaments,

• Sleep disorders like insomnia

• Overall stress reduction and mental alertness

• Fast healing of bone and tissue growth in post orthopedic surgery patients & use in clinical physiotherapy


Organic fish protein nutrition is the ultimate for weight loss • fitness • bodybuilding • stress relief • energy • stamina • libido

• skin care

• disease prevention

• heart & cardiovascular system/blood circulation

• weight loss & weight control management

• healthy endocrine system balancing

• builds new muscle mass

• Firms & tones body

• renews red blood cells for healthy skin, bones, cartilage, joints

• contains an ideal nutritional balance that increases cognitive skills & abilities


 Build new muscle mass, stronger bone, joint & cartilage structure

+ benefit from fish collagen for glowing skin & hair! 

Benefits of fish protein powder (FPP)
The increasing awareness that dried fish protein can be applied for food fortification and production of value added/functional foods has encouraged the food industry to examine different methods for developing fish protein ingredient from different raw materials.
Fish protein powder (FPP) is a dried and stable fish product, intended for human consumption, in which the protein is more concentrated than in the original fish flesh & bones.

The oceans contain approximately 80% of the earth’s biomass and the potential for nutritional, therapeutic and functional ingredients are endless. Marine ingredients are used in a range of products intended for animal and human consumption, food processing as well as alternative purposes such as cosmetics. Fishmeal and fish oil were traditionally considered to be one of the most important products derived from fish destined for non-food uses. However, recent innovations and developments on non-food fish and especially on the by-products from food fish production have led to a number of new marine products such as bio-active compounds, marine proteins and food processing aids.

Seafood processing generates vast amounts of by-products such as trimmings, fins, frames, heads, shells, skin and viscera which can be converted and utilised as valuable products. The utilisation of by-products is essential because it eliminates waste by increasing efficiency through value addition.

Fish protein hydrolysates are the breakdown product of fish proteins into smaller peptides of generally between 2-20 amino acids by addition of enzymes such as papain and can be in liquid or powder form.
Bio-active peptides are isolated from fish muscle protein after enzymatic hydrolysis. These fish-derived bioactive peptides exhibit unique structural properties, amino acid composition and sequences that have a number of potential uses under investigation such as antioxidants, antihypertensive, immunomodulatory or as antimicrobial peptides.
The characteristics of the purified peptides imply that they have potential for the prevention and treatment of cancer, and that they might also be useful as molecular models in anticancer drug research.

Fish bone minerals
Fish bone is also a good source of collagen and gelatin but it is also an excellent source of calcium and other minerals such as phosphorus that can be used in food, feed or as a supplement. Calcium phosphates such as hydroxyapatite present in fish bone have been used for rapid bone repair after major trauma or surgery.

The internal organs of fish from processing plants often go to waste but are in fact an excellent source of enzymes. The specific characteristics of fish internal organ enzymes ensure that these fish by-products are a rich source of specialised enzymes. A range of proteolytic fish enzymes are extracted which include pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin and collagenases as well as lipase enzymes.

Research has found people with high-protein diets have increased bone density, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

With the evolution of refining and processing technology and expanded research on the nutrition of fish proteins and peptides, a new industry has developed for the specific purpose of producing a marine protein powder for human consumption with the intent of reaching new ingredient uses and markets.
The FPP end product is now used in a variety of food ingredient applications including sports nutrition, food additives and supplements all of which depend on the finished fish protein powder produced such that it is hygienically safe and also meets sensory requirements of taste, odor and function in prepared foods.

Analysis per 100 grms

Protein 92%
Fat 0.2
Cholesterol 0.0
Pepsin 98
Moisture 3.1
Ash 3.2

Minerals mg per 100 grams
Collagen 7.9
Calcium 110
Chromium (mcg) 1.5
Copper 4.1
Iron 7.4
Magnesium 130

Shelf Life 5 years
Storage: cool dry place
Gluten free
All Natural Non-GMO
No heavy metals
rapidly digestable

Tones & firms new muscle mass, increases energy, agility and endurance & promotes balanced body weight, strong bones, joints & cartilage.


Get in shape with the best of the best

Green Marine Protein 100% whole fish extract powder with 11 natural minerals 18 amino acids

Green Marine Protein powder is manufactured from the finest FDA approved fresh ocean wild fish (for human consumption) as the main raw materials. The latest APP patented extraction technology utilizes safe biodegradable additives and concentrates to process the fully ground mixture of the entire fish including meat, bones and skin through a series of reactors and filters for the final extraction and separation of the purified marine protein powder and Omega-3 oil
- Free from bacteria and 98% digestable.

Green Marine Protein powder
120 ea 500mg V-caps

39.95 includes shipping/handling NOW IN STOCK!

Green Marine Protein superior pure organic fish protein supplement powder for body builders
One lb. tub $99.00 includes shipping introductory Offer

APP - ADVANCE PROTEIN POWDER is a Registered Trademark of Advance International Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,663,725

Chances are the calcium supplement you are taking now is actually derived from rock. The label will say “calcium carbonate,” which is limestone. Calcium Carbonate is an inorganic form of calcium, that nutritionally is the equivalent to eating rocks. It is extremely difficult for the body to absorb and utilize this form of calcium because the body does not recognize it as food.We will post Paypal buy links for Green Marine Protein powder in the very near future.

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